• CS Colombo USA is the US brand and subsidiary of CS Colombo, one of Europe’s (Italy) leading manufacturers of insulating housings for wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections in OEM products that are form, fit and function crosses (maintaining UL approvals) with all major competitors AND with short lead times.
  • YS Tech USA is one of the nation's foremost distributors of electric cooling fans and axial fans.
  • MEAN WELL High Wattage Medical Power Supplies – MSP-450 Series
  • InvenSense MEMS Microphones
  • Amplified IR Sensors The Smart IR Module from SGX Sensortech
  • For over 30 years, Diotec has specialized in developing and manufacturing semiconductor Diode and Rectifier products of every type from Arrays to Zeners. Diotec products are very high quality yet competitively priced and are available with short lead times.
  • Solarton Metrology Wireless Bore Gauge at CDI
  • ZMDI DrMOS Fairchild Replacement Parts
  • PSC112 From Pressure-Sensor.com, Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Sensor Module, Available at CDI.
  • high-quality standard and custom cable assemblies.
  • Ultra-Wideband Linearity Mixer from Linear Technology
  • CDI is proud to offer the ultimate in Digital Gaging, Data Collection, and SPC!
  • ROAL Electronics, STRATO Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies Fit Where Traditional Bricks Can't.
  • Taitien’s VT-A VCXO Achieving High Frequency with Ultra-low Phase Jitter Available at CDI
  • MKW10M Series Medical Grade 10W DC/DC Converter at CDI
  • Sumitomo Device Innovations USA: GaN HEMTs High Electron Mobility Transistors
  • CDI Exapands RF Catalog Adding IPP
  • CDI announces a New 7-Bit Digital Attenuator from Skyworks Solutions.
  • LED POWER SUPPLIES: CDI offers a full range of of LED solid-state lighting (SSL) components, technologies, and solutions from leading manufacturers and for a variety of applications.

    Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) is a High Tech Franchised Electronics Stocking Distributor providing electronic components distribution worldwide since 1970. CDI offers a large Product Market Selection that encompasses Power Solutions, Measurement Solutions, RF & Microwave Solutions, Wireless Solutions and more. Quickly find the component(s) you need by using CDI's advanced electronics part search or submit a technical inquiry for assistance in finding the best part for your specifications.

    Power Supply Products at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Power Management Products at Component Distributors Inc. (CD
    • AC/DC Power Supplies
    • DC/DC Converters
    • LED Drivers
    • Custom Power Solutions

    AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, LED Drivers, Adapters, DC/AC Inverters, Batteries & much more...

    Visit All Power Products From Component Distributors Inc.

    • Power Supply Design Engineer / Paper Designs
    • Custom & Standard Magnetics
    • Custom LED Drivers
    • Timing Solutions / Oscillators

    Transformers, Chokes / Inductors, EMI / RFI Noise Filters, LDO, Energy Harvesting, Oscillators & much more...

    Visit All Power Conversion Products From CDI

    Measurement & Control Products at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
    • Three Axis Gyro with motion Libraries: InvenSense IMU-300
    • Six axis Motion detection, Gyro + Accelerometers in one housing: InvenSense MPU-60x0 Series

    Health, Fitness and Sports, Robotics, Remote Controls, ROV, Portable Navigation Devices, Camera Image Quality Through Image Stabilization and much more...

    View All Sensing, Measurement, & Controls Products From CDI

    • Precision Measurement & Gaging Products from Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, and More.
    • Wireless Gaging at CDI: 100 Transmitters to one Receiver, FLAWLESS TRANSMISSION!! MicroRidge Wireless.

    Optical Comparators, Snap Gages, Standard Bore Gages, Digital Indicators, Surftest, Micrometers, and much more...

    View All Sensing, Measurement, & Controls Products From CDI

    RF & Microwave Products at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Contact Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
    • Components from Antenna to Baseband
    • Control Components
    • High Power RF & MW
    • RF & Wireless Design Tools

    Diodes, Integrated Modules and Chipsets, Passives, RF Interconnect, RF Transistors & much more...

    View All RF & Microwave Products From CDI

    • Contact Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) by phone
      at 1-800-777-7334 or
    • Email at sales@cdiweb.com to see how we can best meet your needs.
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