Cellular Solutions

Zentri, https://www.zentri.com/ack/products/ADC200_Hera, Cellular Solutions, Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)
12 Analogue Input Channels, 2.5KB SRAM, 20 Digital I/0 (with 7 PWM), 32KB Flash, Arduino Leonardo Code-Base, ATMega32u4 (16MHz) Microcontroller Baud rate support 300 - 115200, Dedicated RJ45 interface 1 Stop Bit, 8 Bit, No Parity CTS, GND, RTS, RxD, TxD Antenna: 50Ohm SMA, Audio Speaker & Mic Interfaces, CSD 14.4 kbps, Dual SIM Support, GPRS Class 12-85.6 kbps uplink/downlink, Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, SMS, USSD -20C to +70C 5 to 95% Rel. Hum Power (2 LEDs): Green & Blue, Signal (2 LEDs): Green & Red, Status (2 LEDs): Green & Blue 12VDC (10W max.) Call 1-800-777-7334 for Availability