Sensors and Wireless, , Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Pressure Sensors Capabilities: Board Level, Stainless Steel Isolated Sensors, Transducers, Transmitter and More… CDI offers a variety of pressure sensors solutions from the world wide leads in pressure Technology - NovaSensor/Amphenol, Sensata, Measurement Specialties and SSI Technologies. CDI offers a variety of technologies for pressure measurements: Piezo Resistive, Capacitive, Bonded Foil Stain Gauge and UFused technologies. The pressure products are offered as none isolated board level with Millivolt outputs, Stainless steel isolated sensors as well as fully housed pressure transducers and transmitters. We invite you to engage our highly experienced Engineers with your project whether it calls for a simple sensing component to be shipped from our extensive inventory, or a complex turn-key measuring system for sub-micron accuracy jobs.
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